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Analysis on the Factors of Strength of Rolling

Update:11 Sep 2017

?? Rolling knife is a standard, in addition to their ow […]

?? Rolling knife is a standard, in addition to their own materials used, there is a very important point is that his quenching heat treatment process, you can not underestimate the impact of quenching process on the quality of the blade. After the heat treatment, the hardness of the knife will vary greatly depending on the process. Although we are in daily life, the knowledge of rolling knives is already very familiar with, but for the traditional quenching technology produced by the rolling mill and modern technology produced by the difference between the rolling knife, the two processing process is whether same.
?? In general, the use of materials used in rolling knives will have many similarities, the material is the basis of cutting quality, and the traditional sense of the rolling mill, in the pursuit of practical over while at the same time, mainly rely on the number to win, The frequency is very high, there are many limiting factors, so the efficiency of the use will inevitably be greatly reduced, the use of life is not very long, in the cutting process, it is difficult to protect the quality of the workpiece, so to a large extent For the development of the industry may be a constraint.
?? In this case, some rolling mill manufacturers advancing with the times, the first to introduce advanced equipment from abroad, the use of advanced production skills, to produce a high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength rolling knife, so that no matter what Working conditions, can work smoothly, reducing the wear and tear during the use of the tool, the effective cutting plate machine blade life has been extended, making him superior to other similar products, a lot of quality.
?? Rolled steel blades, based on a certain traditional blade style, also made a lot of improvements. However, many of the blade styles are very complex, because the cutting of the material is different, the need to apply different cutting steel knife. And the new cutting tool costs are more expensive, many small and medium enterprises simply can not afford, so do not have to pursue the kind of complex style, more functional, expensive cutting machine style, according to their own factory specific processing materials , Select a specific for their own company on a can, as long as it is suitable for their own company's material cutting, is good.

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