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Blade finishing

Update:06 Nov 2017

The finishing steps are: ???1 that the blade has been g […]

The finishing steps are:
1 that the blade has been grinding good (no spark), then do not give feed, let the knife reciprocate a few trips on their own, the number of trips depending on the length of the blade, short stroke less.
2. Remove the blade from the knife sharpener with stone grinding manual research to obtain excellent sharp edge. The practice is to use the oil soaked stone lightly remove the edge of the small burr knife generated by the burr, the stone close to the rake face on the rotary blade to the full rotation of whetstone.
3. Use the same method to move the oilstone to the full length of the blade after grinding the knife face, but the stone slightly inclined angle of not more than 1 ° is appropriate to be sharpened by the above method, an ideal blade to be completed.
Wedge angle is also called edge angle, it is a direct impact on cutting performance of the main point of view, the size of the angle depending on the crop.
Cutter is an essential printing equipment business, while widely used in printing and publishing industry, paper industry, packaging industry, decoration and decorating, and other industries, a wide range of applications. Its most basic function and use is cutting. Cutting the final implementation of the component is the blade. On the one hand the blade is good or bad and the use of a reasonable direct impact on cutting quality, on the other hand unreasonable sharpening angle and use will seriously undermine the accuracy and life of the paper cutter. Therefore, the use of maintenance and sharpening blades is the cutter application and maintenance of the first step.

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