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Carbide disc saw the use and maintenance of common sense

Update:18 Sep 2017

?? 1. Carbide disc saw blade alloy head with sharp and […]

?? 1. Carbide disc saw blade alloy head with sharp and sensitive edge, so in the saw blade movement, installation and removal process, the need to carefully protect the alloy head from damage.
?? 2. Periodically check the radial runout (± 0.02mm) of the machine spindle and the swing (± 0.01mm).
?? 3. Remove the debris from the spindle and the flange before installing the saw blade. The flange surface should be flat, clean and axis perpendicular to each other.
?? 4. Use as much as possible the flange can make the operation of the blade more stable, the flange size to be consistent, the size of the flange for the blade diameter of 1/3 (thin saw blade should adopt 1 / 2D flange Plate) sawing better.
?? 5. Saw blades in the installation should be idle after 30 seconds, in determining everything is normal and then start cutting work.
?? 6. Saw blades in the installation of the flange nut must be tight, moderate loose blade in the rotation will be slipping when cutting, too tight blade will have internal injuries or deformation affect the cutting effect.
?? 7. The blade must be equipped with protective equipment (protective glasses, dust masks, helmets, protective gloves) and check the saw machine cover before cutting.
?? 8. In the following circumstances, the need for timely grinding.
????? A) sawing quality no longer meets the requirements.
????? B) when the energy consumption of the machine is significantly increased.
????? C) the edge of the cutting material has a clear burst time.
????? D) When the wear of the alloy edge is 0.2mm, timely grinding is very important. Because the non-sharp saw blade is working, the saw body will heat up, and the motor load is too large to reduce the service life of the saw blade. In the time should be grinding to continue cutting, each additional 10% of the amount of cutting, will bring an additional 50% of the alloy damage, shorten the life of the blade.
?? 9. Regularly clear the accumulation of resin and debris on the side of the sawtooth and sawboard, because the accumulation of sticky material will increase the resistance, resulting in high energy consumption and rough cutting quality. If at the same time more blunt edge, it may cause jagged damage.
?? 10. Cleaning should avoid the use of corrosive solvents, saw blade for a long time when not in use, should be cleaned grinding, oil for rust treatment, placed in the original carton and then placed properly.
?? 11. The use of precision, stable vibration-free grinding machine, and the appropriate diamond wheel. In accordance with the provisions of the operating procedures to repair the alloy head, will extend the life of the saw blade, do not use manual grinding equipment.


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