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Hobbing cutter cutting conditions

Update:02 Jan 2018

? For the cutting speed, feed rate (take the knife spee […]

? For the cutting speed, feed rate (take the knife speed) and the relationship between hob wear, generally have:
(1) In order to reduce the consumption of hob friction, cutting speed will be slower. But the cutting feed is too small but not good;
(2) In order to increase the durability of the hob, rather than using high cutting speed, it is better to use high cutting feed, but the tooth surface will not be good;
(3) Cutting speed to accelerate (turn number becomes larger), feed rate decreases, the tooth surface will get better;
(4) Hobbing machine itself rigidity, hob life has a very big impact.
(5) Hob material points: (1) tool steel (titanium); (high speed steel, helium stone) (2) superhard (tungsten steel);
(6) According to the helical direction of the cutting hob, cut the helical direction of the gear to check whether the idler wheel is installed.

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