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Hobbing often appear error and reason

Update:22 Jan 2018

(1) Tooth profile error: ① tooth surface edge (repair k […]

(1) Tooth profile error:
① tooth surface edge (repair knife unequal)
② tooth asymmetry (hob installation is not aligned)
③ tooth angle error (repair knife does not pass)
④ tooth pitch error (after installation of the tool radial, axial runout large)
(2) Tooth surface finish is not good
① tear (uneven workpiece material)
② eating teeth (turret loosening, gear transmission gap)
③ vibration (transmission gap, workpiece, tool, clamping rigid enough, cutting the amount of improper)
④ fish scales (heat treatment improper method, (uneven))
(3) Pitch error tolerance and cumulative pitch tolerance
① hob spindle axial movement, hob radial runout (tool accuracy is not enough, there are bumps on the pendant, bump)
② workpiece installation is not correct (table eccentric rotation axis and machine indexing chain accuracy is not enough)
(4) Gear ring radial runout is too large (pitch circle beating) and tooth over tolerance
Eccentric workpiece installation, tooth blank positioning benchmark over tolerance, test benchmarks and manufacturing benchmarks do not coincide.

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