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How do I check the quality of blade welding?

Update:01 Sep 2017

?? In order to ensure the quality of welding, after wel […]

?? In order to ensure the quality of welding, after welding the tool should be carefully checked in order to identify the cause of the defect to be improved. Before the inspection, the knife to be sandblasted or gently worn to adhere to the blade surface of the solder and impurities, and kerosene clean. Check the items and requirements as follows:
???First, check the weld strength: with a green silicon carbide grinding wheel grinding a knife behind, check the thickness of the solder layer, the thickness of the requirements in the 0.15 mm below. There is no stomatal and solder shortage at the bottom of the tool tip, and the solder is not filled with 10% of the total length of the weld. If there is a hole in the cutting will make the blade off.
???Second, check the blade in the slot position: such as blade dislocation and sag more than the provisions of technical conditions should be re-welding.
???Third, check the welding strength: with a wooden hammer or copper hammer to medium power percussion blade, or I hammer with a strong percussion arbor, then the blade does not fall off from the saddle as qualified. Check the blade welding strength, not necessarily one by one are checked, but also the use of sampling methods.
???Fourth, check the blade flatness: If the blade on the obvious pit, indicating that the blade overheating deformation, should burn the new welding rewinder.
?? Fifth, check the crack: the blade by kerosene cleaning, if the blade has cracks. Kerosene will penetrate into the cracks and the emergence of black lines, with the naked eye can be observed. It can also be observed with a magnifying glass of 10-40 times. Check the blade crack, can also be used color detection method: 65% kerosene, 30% of the transformer oil and 5% turpentine transferred into the solution, slightly more Sudan red. The knife blade part of the solution in the solution for 10-15 minutes, and then washed with water, coated with a layer of clay (kaolin), baking thousands of observation of its surface, if the blade cracks, the color of the solution will be in clay On the show, with the naked eye can see. A cracked blade can not be used and needs to be reworked.
???In addition to the above-mentioned several commonly used vehicles 7J welding methods, there are oil protection, electric furnace, forging furnace and with a reducing gas in the furnace brazing and other methods.

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