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How to choose a slitter blade

Update:14 Sep 2018

We want to systematically and in detail teach you how t […]

We want to systematically and in detail teach you how to choose the slitter blade, but most people may not know much about the slitter, so let's first make clear what the slitter is: the slitter is a kind of Mechanical equipment widely used in various industries, it is mainly used for cutting various materials.

The blade is a very important part of this device. Imagine if the slitter blade selected by the slitter is not suitable and not sharp, it will definitely affect its operation. How to choose the right blade, which contains a lot of knowledge. Next, let's take a look.

How to choose a slitter blade. First of all, we have to clearly choose what it is for, in other words, what you want to use to do it. Therefore, it is necessary to know the material, hardness and thickness of the material to be clearly understood. The specific analysis needs to choose which blade, so that your final choice can help your work. Furthermore, there are slitting machine blades that are also divided into double-sided blades and single-sided blades, and there is a significant difference between the two, and the scope of application is also very different. The single-sided inserts guarantee the quality of the slitting material to the utmost extent, and the double-sided inserts are suitable for the soft-cut slitting materials, and the service life is relatively long. In this regard, we need to make decisions based on our own needs.

how about it? Do you think that choosing a slitting machine blade also contains a very high level of knowledge. However, as long as we can master the above selection options, choose the most suitable and most needed from the actual situation, then you will be able to harvest the cutting machine blades that make you feel good, and add fuel to your work.

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