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How to extend tool life?

Update:06 Sep 2017

?? Solution: ?? 1, choose a reasonable cutting method ? […]

?? Solution:
?? 1, choose a reasonable cutting method
?? For difficult to process materials, choose different cutting methods on the damage of the cutting fluid are very different. Regardless of which cutting method is chosen, the principle is the same, that is, as much as possible to reduce the cutting force, reduce the cutting zone temperature. The use of cycloidal cutting method can reduce the cutting area to a large extent, so that the actual cutting angle of the cutting fluid is smaller, so as to prolong the heat dissipation time of each tooth and reduce the cutting temperature. The spiral interpolation method can make the cutting amount Relatively uniform, to avoid cutting force concentrated in a few teeth and to speed up the wear and tear, this effect is more obvious in the corner; and the use of large feed cutting method to a smaller depth of cut, the larger feed effectively reduced Cutting force, making the processing to produce a smaller cutting heat, the processing area temperature is low.
?? 2, the appropriate control of cutting force and cutting speed
?? Proper control of the cutting force and cutting speed of the tool is also one of the effective means to reduce the temperature of the processing area and prolong the service life of the cutting fluid. In the processing of difficult processing materials, the general use of fine grinding tool edge, cutting depth and cutting width should not be too large. Select the cutting line speed, according to the different types of materials, parts and processing equipment and other factors to consider. In general, if the processing material is nickel-based alloy, the linear velocity should be controlled at 20 to 50 meters per minute; the processing material is titanium alloy, the line speed should be controlled at 30 to 110 meters per minute; the processing material is PH stainless steel, It should be controlled in the range of 50 to 120 meters per minute.
?? 3, to ensure timely and effective chip breaking
?? In the metal processing, the general will have a lot of cutting heat generated in the cutting chip, if you can control the chip length, to ensure timely and effective chip breakage, you can make this part of the cutting heat is taken away by chips, so chip breaking is to control the cutting temperature An effective way. In the processing of difficult to process the material, in the roughing process, in the processing system under the premise of the rigid allowed, should try to make it in the whole process of breaking up. At the same time the use of good settling performance cutting fluid, the cutting dust discharge, do not let the cutting chip and the workpiece surface friction. Can be used Liannuo chemical general cutting fluid SCC730ASCC730A water-based environmental cutting fluid selection of special high-performance extreme pressure additives, rust inhibitors and other additives from the complex, is a high-performance multi-purpose cutting / grinding fluid. When mixed with water, a stable transparent solution can be formed. This product has good sedimentation, lubricity, rust resistance, cooling and cleaning. Has a strong resistance to microbial decomposition, in different water hardness conditions, can still maintain its stability, the service life of ordinary emulsified oil more than 5 times.

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