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How to make a solid guillotine knives

Update:13 Jun 2018

For cemented carbide conical face milling cutters, hard […]

For cemented carbide conical face milling cutters, hard alloy conical face milling cutters, etc., we already have an understanding. Then, how do we make carbide cutting tools with alloy cutting tools? It is estimated that many people are not familiar with it. Today we are familiar with the experts!
The surface of the hard alloy mold not only has its own precision requirements, but also often has certain position requirements between the various surfaces. In the hard alloy mold processing process, attention should be paid to the selection and conversion of the reference, and the hard alloy wire drawing mold must be arranged first. The processing sequence should follow the following principles:
1, the first rough after the fine processing sequence, namely, advanced roughing, semi-finishing, and finally finishing and finishing.
2, first processing the reference surface, after processing other surfaces.
3, first processing the main surface of the hard alloy mold, the secondary surface after processing, the workpiece surface of the carbide tool mold, the assembly base surface should be processed.
4, the first processing plane, after processing the inner hole, for the box, template parts flat outline size larger, use it to locate, stable and reliable, generally always the first plane to do a fine reference alloy tool, carbide tool how to manufacture Then the inner hole is processed.
Traces made of metal have been interpreted to account for the wear and wear of the edge of the hard alloy cutting tool in the case of high-strain hardening in which the machining of the workpiece is more severe and even has no residual condition. The larger the size of vn and c, the greater the chance of damage to the tool's function and the quality of the influencing mechanism. High Speed Steel Ball End Mills China implements new import tax rebates, which involve only one kind of goods in the machine tool industry, namely CNC machine tools.
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