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How to Use a Iks-sh Paper Cutter

Update:28 Mar 2017

For cut, most people usually choose to use scissors. Ho […]

For cut, most people usually choose to use scissors. However, if you are not very good at scissors or want a straight line, the paper cutter can be an ideal solution, it can cut a lot of paper directly and neatly with clean edges.

First make the right choice, you should choose the Cutter that suits your needs. Of course, you should also take into account the space and budget factors. You can choose automatic and manual, low capacity, high capacity. In this case, you should ensure that the tool you choose can be applied to any item you need to cut.

In addition, you should place the paper cutter on a flat surface before cutting. Do not forget to give priority to security issues. After using the cutter, placing it in a safe place.

It is recommended that you put the paper on the basis of cutting. Automatically, several models will measure paper, and other models provide guidelines for measuring cut paper. To clean the cut, you can only place the maximum amount of paper on the paper cutter.

To cut the paper with the blade, you should press the arm down or manipulate the blade according to the tool type. If the tool you are using is an automatic cutting machine, the machine itself can manipulate the blade.

Finally, cut the paper according to what you want. By the way, you can get a smaller version of the Handheld and Arm Cutter in the scrapbook section of the handicraft shop.

Iks-sh will provide high quality knifes for different paper cutter and help the paper cutter do better jobs.

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