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Non-standard blade custom manufacturing technology

Update:27 Oct 2018

How will China's future non-standard blade technology c […]

How will China's future non-standard blade technology customization and market develop? In 2013, Luo Mohui, CEO of, believes that China's future development of non-standard blade customization will first work hard to improve efficiency. Because of the improvement of processing efficiency, it will become an important consideration for blade users.

The requirements for non-standard blade custom users to improve processing efficiency are based in part on social development and international environmental development requirements. From 2010 to 2017, the average wages of employees in Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou increased by 500%, 300%, 320% and 290% respectively, and the increase in labor costs was seen. And this increase in labor costs is proportional to the cost of the product, which will lead to a decline in product competitiveness. Another aspect is the appreciation of our renminbi. From 2000 to the beginning of 2018, the exchange rate between the renminbi and the US dollar rose from about 1:8.1 to 1:6.3, an appreciation of nearly 30%; the euro rose from a high of 1:11 in 2008 to about 1:8.3 at the beginning of 2012, an appreciation of about 32.5. . The appreciation of the renminbi has caused the prices of Chinese exports to be settled in local currency values abroad, while the renminbi settlement prices of imported products have fallen.

This has brought additional competitive pressure to domestic export products and industries that import more foreign products. If these negative effects are to be diluted, increasing processing efficiency will become a solution for non-standard blade custom users. Because once the efficiency is increased, the number of products produced per unit time is increased, the equipment cost, labor cost, and management cost allocated to the single product will be reduced, and the total cost of the product will be greatly reduced. Processing efficiency requires working on both manufacturing technology and application technology of non-standard blades.

Non-standard blade custom manufacturing technology

1. In the manufacturing technology of non-standard blades, the first is the material technology of non-standard blades. The material technology of the non-standard blade is expected to develop in both the new type of material and the high performance of the original material.

2. In the non-standard blade manufacturing, the second important measure to improve the tool is to choose the appropriate non-standard blade coating.

3. In the manufacturing technology of non-standard blades, the structure of the cutting edge has always been an extremely important factor in the working performance of the cutting edge together with the base material and coating technology.

In general, high-precision non-standard blades that meet the user's product upgrades and continuously improve machining accuracy and challenge processing limits, high-efficiency tools and high-reliability non-standard blades that meet the user's continuous improvement in production efficiency and reduced production costs will be our blades. The main direction of product development, and provide users with systematic, personalized non-standard blade management and tool technology services, will be the development direction of our blade services.

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