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The cutter blade is used for maintenance and sharpening

Update:11 Oct 2017

?? Blade sharpening ???The cutting performance of the m […]

?? Blade sharpening
The cutting performance of the mechanical blade depends to a considerable extent on the quality of the grinding mill, and the quality of the grinding blade depends on the grinding equipment and the reasonable grinding process. Grinding equipment, it is recommended to use vertical axis grinding machine, blade angle easy to guarantee. Grinding wheel recommended selection of white corundum (code WA), grinding is not easy to heat, and must use the coolant in the grinding when the continuous pouring in the edge of the grinding wheel and contact surface, is strictly prohibited edge flashing color. It is recommended to use No. 1 metal emulsion. The whole grinding process is best divided into coarse grinding, grinding and finishing, rough, fine grinding on the grinding machine, the need for grinding machine and hand to carry out.
?? The finishing steps are:
1. that the blade has been grinding (not sparks), then do not have to feed, so that grinding machine to reciprocate a few itinerary, the number of depending on the length of the blade depends on the short, short travel.
2. Remove the blade from the grinding machine with oil stone for manual repair can get excellent sharp edge. The practice is to use oil soaked in the oil to gently remove the edge of the knife by the grinding machine to produce a small glitch, the oil stone close to the rake face to rotate the slippery stone to the full length of the blade.
3. With the same method to move the oil to the full length of the blade, but the rock slightly tilted to an angle of not more than 1 ° is appropriate according to the above method of grinding, an ideal blade to be completed. Wedge angle is also called edge angle, it is a direct impact on the cutting performance of the main angle, the size of the angle depending on the cut.

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