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The Present Situation and Application of Shaped Blade

Update:24 Jul 2017

?? Modern cutting technology is moving toward high spee […]

?? Modern cutting technology is moving toward high speed, high precision and high efficiency. At the same time, cutting technology has more and more requirements on tool performance.??????? Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride ( PCBN) is the most suitable tool material for high-speed cutting iron-based metals as a new type of tool material which is synthesized by artificial method only after natural diamond. Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) was first developed by GE in the last century. Since PCBN materials have high hardness and abrasion resistance, high thermal stability and high temperature hardness, excellent chemical stability and better Of the thermal conductivity and low coefficient of friction, PCBN tool since the beginning of the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan and other industrial developed countries attention. After 30 years of development, foreign research on the PCBN tool has basically entered the mature stage, the product is also diversified, serialized direction. China has many units and scholars engaged in PCBN tool development and research, but compared with foreign countries, both in the PCBN material synthesis or cutting tool performance research have lagged behind.
?? Application of profiled blade
?? Non-standard blade is widely used in ceramics, printing machinery, paper industry, cardboard boxes, forestry, rubber, plastics, food machinery, textile, electrical appliances, light industry machinery, aluminum foil, metal film, tobacco, cigarette machinery, packaging materials, , Electronic, electrical, cable, shipbuilding, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile, feed, paper tube, forestry, woodworking machinery, plastic crushing, side sealing, sealing machinery, bottom sealing bag machine, wood processing, food packaging, paper Aluminum foil cutting, metallurgical electromechanical, herbs, rubber and other industries.

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