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Tooth profile is not normal

Update:18 Oct 2017

?? Tooth surface edge, hob tooth error is too large or […]

?? Tooth surface edge, hob tooth error is too large or sub-tooth incompetent instantaneous speed comparison changes, the workpiece defect status of four
(1) after the hob blade grinding, the tooth isomeric poor
(2) hob axial movement
(3) hob radial runout large
(4) hob with the main method: focus on the hob grinding quality, hob installation accuracy and machine tool spindle geometry
(1) control the quality of hob grinding
(2) to ensure that the hob installation accuracy, while the hob can not be mounted when the horn; gasket end flat; nut end to be vertical; cone hole should be clean inside; bracket installed, can not stay gap
(3) Review the rotation accuracy of the machine tool spindle and repair the adjustment hob spindle bearings, especially the thrust washer
(4) replace the new knife

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