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Tooth profile periodic error

Update:25 Oct 2017

Reason ? 1) After the hob is installed, the radial runo […]

? 1) After the hob is installed, the radial runout or the axial movement is large
? 2) Machine table rotation is not uniform
? 3) Cross-wheel or sub-tooth exchange gear installation eccentric or tooth surface bump
? 4) The turret skateboard is loose
? 5) workpiece clamping unreasonable to produce vibration
? 1) Control the installation accuracy of the hob
? 2) check the machine table indexing the axial movement of the worm, and adjust the repair
? 3) Check the installation and operation of the interdigital and toothed gears
? 4) Adjust the turret of the turret skateboard
? 5) Reasonable selection of the correct program for workpiece clamping

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