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Tooth surface defects ---- tearing

Update:04 Dec 2017

The reason ?1) Uneven gear material ? 2) Tooth billet h […]

The reason
?1) Uneven gear material
? 2) Tooth billet heat treatment improper method
? 3) The choice of cutting the amount of unreasonable and BUE generated
? 4) Cutting fluid is not high efficiency
? 5) Hob with blunt, not sharp
? Countermeasures
1) Control the quality of gear material
? 2) The correct choice of heat treatment methods, especially the hardness after quenching and tempering, it is recommended to use normalizing
? 3) Correct choice of cutting dosage, to avoid the build-up of tumor
? 4) Correct selection of cutting fluid, with particular attention to its lubricating properties
? 5) Replace the new knife

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