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Tooth surface defects ---Vibration

Update:18 Dec 2017

The reason: Due to vibration ? 1) a large transmission […]

The reason:
Due to vibration
? 1) a large transmission gap within the machine
? 2) workpiece and hob clamping rigidity is not enough
? 3) the choice of cutting capacity is too large
? 4) After the bracket is installed, the gap is large
Find and eliminate sources of vibration
? 1) for the use of a long time and serious wear and tear on the machine overhaul
? 2) improve the clamping rigidity of the hob, for example, to narrow the distance between the support; Shank hob should try to use a large shaft diameter. For example, as far as possible to increase the supporting end surface, the supporting end surface (including the workpiece) is only allowed to be concave; the distance between the upper and lower ejecting pins is shortened
? 3) Correct choice of cutting
? 4) Correctly install the rear bracket

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