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What are the advantages of rolling steel blades?

Update:04 Sep 2017

?? First of all, it can reduce the resistance in the us […]

?? First of all, it can reduce the resistance in the use of time, we know that in some cutting process, some of the rolling blade in the use of the time although there is a certain amount of application, but because of the resistance and not suited to use, the resistance caused by cutting the object Of the pulling force, prone to flash or other bad phenomenon.
?? If you want to use in the relatively thick and relatively hard material above, the use of rolling mill friction, can play a good cutting, such as steel, and then such as other chemical materials, etc., it is important to apply to the relatively thin and relatively Soft material above, this rolling blade not only has a good self-pressure, but also can play the purpose of smooth rotation, not only to achieve a good cutting effect, but also more able to adapt to multi-layer cutting, which is Other rolling blades can not achieve the effect.
?? In fact, in the current production line above, more are also choose to use rolling blades, it can be the same line above a production line, the use of multiple rolling blades, a number of tasks to complete the task, so the use of this rolling blade not only Can play a very good quality of work, but also better improve the efficiency of trade unions, especially in the conditions of cutting, cutting and so on the cylinder, and so on, played an important role, of course, it is also a lot above the type, such as flat Front, serrated, etc.

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