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What is Knife Blade inclination?

Update:26 Jul 2018

Changing the direction and size of the blade inclinatio […]

Changing the direction and size of the blade inclination can control the flow direction of the chips. For intermittent cutting, the appropriate edge angle allows the cutting edge to gradually cut into and out of the workpiece, smoothing the impact and making the cutting smooth. A negative edge angle increases the impact resistance of the alloy tip, but an excessive negative edge angle causes a significant increase in radial cutting force. It can increase the inclination angle of the corner before the actual cutting to reduce the chip deformation and make the cutting light. The effective radius of the cutting edge fillet is reduced, the sharpness is increased, and the micro-cutting is facilitated. The principle of selection of the blade inclination is:
a. Intermittent cutting with large impact load should take a larger negative value of the blade inclination to protect the cutting edge and improve the cutting stability. At this time, a larger rake angle can be used to avoid excessive radial cutting force.
b. Precise edge angle should be taken during finishing to make the chips flow to the surface to be machined to avoid scratching to machine the surface.
c. For processing high hardness materials, a negative edge inclination can be taken to increase the strength of the cemented carbide tool.
d. Finishing tools for micro-cutting can take a particularly large blade inclination of >45°.
e. The direction of the blade inclination of the hole-working carbide tool (such as boring tool and reamer) should be determined according to the nature of the hole. When machining through holes, the positive value of the blade should be taken to make the chips discharge from the front of the hole to avoid scratching the hole wall. When machining the blind hole, the negative value should be taken to make the chips discharge thickly to avoid siltation at the bottom of the hole.

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