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What is Leading angle of knife

Update:03 Aug 2018

By changing the size of the main declination, the ratio […]

By changing the size of the main declination, the ratio of the back force and the feed force can be adjusted; when the main declination is increased, the back force is reduced and the feed force is increased. By reducing the lead angle, the cutting thickness and the load per unit length of the cutting edge can be reduced. At the same time, as the working length of the main cutting edge increases, the tool nose angle increases, the heat dissipation condition of the tool is improved, and the tool life can be improved; If the angle is too small, the radial cutting force will increase, which will easily cause cutting vibration. The principle of selection of the lead angle is:
a. As far as the process system (machine tool-workpiece-clamp-carbide tool) is allowed, use a smaller lead angle as much as possible to improve tool life.
b. When the material strength and hardness of the workpiece are high, take a smaller main angle.
c. During the cutting process, when the cemented carbide insert needs to be cut in the middle, a larger lead angle should be taken.
d. The size of the main declination should also be compatible with the shape of the workpiece (such as the car step axis, milling the right angle step, etc.).
e. When using a small lead angle, consider whether the effective length of the cutting edge is sufficient.

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