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What is the slitting machine, blade, square knife, slitting?

Update:31 May 2017

The square knife is cut like a razor. The blade is fixe […]

The square knife is cut like a razor. The blade is fixed to the cutter frame of the slitting machine, and the knife is dropped during the material operation so that the material is cut longitudinally to achieve the goal of slitting. The cutting blade is divided into single and double blade: razor blade for thick, rigid cutting thick film is better, because in the hard cutting blade machine at high speed is not easy to shift, to ensure product quality, the thickness of 70-130um suggested the use of the razor blade. Double sided blade is relatively soft, suitable for thin materials cut, so that the edge of the film smoothness has been guaranteed, but also can extend the service life. Thickness below 70mm, it is recommended to use double-sided blade. On the cutting machine cutting mode, cutting knife is generally divided into cutting and cutting two vacant slot: 1) cutting material running in the groove roller groove, a cutting knife falls on the groove roll groove, the material longitudinal incision, the material in the knife have a certain angle and groove, not prone to drift. Then cut the casting PP film or film material is narrow, the common cutting method, can improve the cutting efficiency. But for suspending slitting, its disadvantage is that it is troublesome to make a knife. 2) suspended material after cutting is between two rollers, the blade falls the material longitudinal incision, if the material is in a relatively stable state, so the precision cutting die cut qielve is poor, but the cutting tool way is convenient, easy to operate. The square cutter is mainly suitable for slitting thin plastic film and composite film.

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